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For more than three decades, starting in the 1970's, this once prosperous town witnessed the closing of one business after another. The motels and restaurants that served the thousands of people traveling north and south along Route 301 closed one by one when the people stopped coming through. Then other retail businesses and the garment factory, leaving behind dozens of seemingly abandoned buildings. Each closed business; each empty, shuttered building. another symbol and reminder of the town's failed economy. Now things are changing again, and empty buildings are being put to work to support new businesses.
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Lanai Fitness: A New Spirit of Entrepreneurship
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Next to the drug store adjacent to the town's main intersection stands a large retail space left empty when the supermarket closed. DeShawn Maner, Allendale entrepreneur, town councilman, and strong believer in the importance of physical fitness had a vision that the space would be ideal for a fitness center. in early summer of 2015, the Lanai Fitness Center features an indoor track and a roomful of equipment that you will find only in the newest and best fitness centers. In addition to the central area of the fitness center, there
are special areas and rooms for fitness classes, physical therapy and more. Some of the coaches from USC Salkahatchie will teach classes in fitness.

Individuals can sign up for monthly membership which includes all classes and regular use of the exercise facilities.

165 Main St. South, Allendale
Phone: 803-702-9002

More information visit

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Exercise Classes
Classes are currently being offered in Line Dancing, Zumba, and Pilates. Lanai Fitness has special mirrored rooms 30 ft. x 50 ft. for special classes. The indoor track is 1/20th of a mile, and is available throughout the day.
Healing Touch Massage
In a dedicated private room, massage therapist Erica Doyle offers specialized therapeutic treatments with expertise in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, as well as stones, hand & foot treatment, and facials.
Physical Therapy
Licensed physical therapist Michael Carr, who has 20 years experience, is available for needed therapies. Mr. Carr is also a specialist in sports related injuries and injury prevention.
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Lanai Fitness is equipped with the latest exercise equipment and free weight stations for working every muscle of the body. The carpeted area where the machines are is surrounded by an indoor track with the ideal rubberized surface.
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