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Allendale is a town that takes great pride in its churches and public buildings. Churches of many different denominations sit majestically on major throughways or hidden amongst the trees on smaller side streets. Wherever you see a church, you will see a structure that is meticulously maintained and landscaped by its parishioners. As the county seat, Allendale is home to some impressive classical architecture, most notably the county courthouse. And there are places to sit and enjoy the weather near many of the public buildings.
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The Allendale Presbyterian Church seems tucked away in the trees and is hardly noticeable as you drive down Flat Street near the center of town.
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The town of Allendale would be an excellent place to study the classic architectural styles of American churches. So many are represented here.
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The Happy Home Church (above) on the corner of Bay and Memorial near the center of town is one of the oldest African American churches in the country.
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The steeple of the First Baptist Church rises majestically toward the sky with this classic architecture.
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County Buildings
The Allendale County Courthouse was listed in the National Registry of Historic Places on August 1, 2007. It is an important example of the public design work of Georgia architect, G. Lloyd Preacher. Allendale was the last county to be established in South Carolina. In 1919 Allendale was formed from parts of Barnwell and Hampton Counties, which were thought at the time to be too large to govern effectively. The new county needed a courthouse, and construction began in 1921. The architectural style is Neoclassical Revival with massive limestone columns.

Following a devastating arson fire in 1998, the interior of the building needed reconstruction and the exterior need rehabilitation.
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A new building to the rear of the courthouse was constructed in 2004 to provide additional office and courtroom space.
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In recent years a war memorial and a memorial brick sidewalk have been added to the lawn and terrace of the great courthouse. The war memorial commemorates the sons of Allendale who served in two world wars and the Vietnam War.
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Families paid for individual bricks to remember beloved family members, and hundreds of bricks are so engraved.
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On the lovely bulevard that leads to the Courthouse, an elegant one-story brick building built in a classic Colonial style serves as the county's administration building.
The War Memeorial building (right) sits on a side street overlooking the Courthouse.
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The county Hospital, whose entrance is shown above, is located on the Allendale Fairfax Highway in a complex of medical buildings including clinics and doctors' offices. The hospital includes a very capable emergency room and a restaurant with surprisingly good food.

The Edgar A. Connelly Community Health Center (right) is one of several specialized health facilities in the town of Allendale.
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The Allendale Municipal Building (above) houses offices for the town administrator and town employees as well as a large meeting room where town council meetings are held.

The Post Office (right) is in the center of town adjacent to the intersection of Routes 301 and 278.
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