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Lottie Lewis and her team of volunteers for Allendale Enterprise have been very busy with a number of projects designed to improve the prosperity and the self image of Allendale. Her greatest passion is the children. She remembers the wonderful supportive environment of her childhood in Allendale and her mother, Emma Polite, who was always there for the neighborhood children. To help a new generation of children and to honor her mom, Lottie has restored a house to serve as a safe haven and learning center for children. She and her husband Frank had purchased and fixed up the house for this purpose. In 2018, Lottie and Frank donated the house to Allendale Enterprise, our 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Generous donations to Allendale Enterprise from thoughtful friends have provided the funds needed to complete the project. Since 2018, Emma's Helping Hands House has welcomed children into a loving and positive environment.
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Above: A cooking class at Emma's Helping Hands House. Children are leaning that vegetables can be delicious
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Emma’s House is uplifting the neighborhood and the town. Thanks to very generous donations from our supporters, the dream of Emma’s House and the Emma’s Helping Hands programs, has now become a reality. The house has a new heating and air conditioning system, great appliances, a handsome fence and a concrete driveway that wraps around the back providing access from two streets. Emma’s House is home to many great programs for kids including: after-school tutoring, reading, cooking classes, art classes, dance and exercise classes and more. Emma’s House is also used for as a meeting place for community groups and various organizations interested in helping Allendale. In 2019, there were a lot of things happing at Emma’s House, but the main thing of course is
the children.

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Above: Exercise class.
The children came in small groups to learn about art, cooking, dance, and exercise. They received
professional tutoring and enjoyed being read to. There were summer
camps for cooking and the arts. They even learned to play chess.
Most of all the children knew they were in a place that was safe, where they were treated as important individuals. They learned how to feel good about themselves while discovering new things and learning new skills. Lottie Lewis had a dream to provide the kind of environment her mom, Emma, provided for neighborhood children when she was little. The smiles you see on these faces show that Lottie’s dream has now been fulfilled.

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Above: Lottie with children excited about getting their own books.
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Looking cool, feeling groovy.
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