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How to Support Allendale Enterprise
Allendale Enterprise is a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax-deductible.

Choose the program you want to support.

• Maintenance and Beautification of Emma’s House Community Center
• Emma’s Helping Hands
• Hot Spot
• Police Cookouts

To support Allendale Enterprise the old fashioned way, please make your check payable to Allendale Enterprise and mail to:

Lottie Lewis
Allendale Enterprise
116 Susan Street
Allendale, SC 29810

Please write the program you want to support on the memo line.

To make an online donation, click the button below. Be sure to specify the program you want to support. This is our first upload of this PayPal button, and, at this point, it is not all that we would like. It does not successfully send you to a page that says, “Thank you,” so let us say in advance that your gift is genuinely appreciated and will go a long way in helping Allendale’s youngest citizens.

We will send a formal thank you letter that you can save for your tax records.

  All payments secured by PayPal

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Two New Programs Coming Soon to Allendale
Emma’s Helping Hands

Some of the children of Allendale are being raised by parents, including many single-parent mothers, who are forced to spend 2-1/2 hours every morning riding a bus to the shore communities where the work is. Then after a full day of work, another 2-1/2 hour commute on the bus home. That leaves some kids with no family care or supervision for a lot of hours every day. This is a heartbreaking circumstance that has been troubling Lottie Lewis for a long time.

For the past several years, Lottie and her husband Frank have been fixing up a house on Wagner Street to serve as a community center. They named it Emma’s house in memory of Lottie’s mother who always looked after the kids in the neighborhood.

Later this month, Lottie will formally open a program she is calling Emma’s Helping hands. Volunteers will be there to spend time with children who would otherwise be choosing between the streets and an empty home for hours after school.

This is one of many ideas Lottie has for improving life in Allendale.
Hot Spot

Hot Spot is the name for a program that will provide internet access to kids after school. Many young students have the use of a tablet computer but no internet when they get home. Lottie Lewis has been speaking with SCE&G as well as AT&T in South Carolina to obtain their help with setting up a good internet connection .

Hot Spot will be located in the same house we are using for Emma’s Helping Hands. It will function as a sort of Internet Cafe. In addition to helping kids complete homework assignments online after school, Hot Spot will be available to people who need help writing resumes and filling out online applications for work. Without access to the Internet, individuals who want to work have a serious disadvantage in today’s electronic world.

Lottie Lewis and Terri Boone have been taking a community leadership course at Furman University. The class divided into teams to conduct real-world projects as a part of the program. Their team came up with the Hot Spot concept and, though Lottie and Terri are the only participants from Allendale, they convinced the others to choose Allendale for implementing the concept.

Terri Boone is Director of the USC Salkehatchie Leadership Institute.
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