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Allendale children perfuming in a Christian Dance Festival in July, 2015 exemplify a new spirit of hope and fellowship in a town that has fallen on hard times over the past three decades.
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Autumn 2016

It’s Official!

Allendale Enterprise has achieved the designation of public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are now formally a tax exempt organization and can receive contributions for our projects. This is our official web site. You can see a description of the organization and our Mission Statement on the About Us Page.
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Two New Programs Coming Soon to Allendale
Emma’s Helping Hands

Some of the children of Allendale are being raised by parents, including many single-parent mothers, who are forced to spend 2-1/2 hours every morning riding a bus to the shore communities where the work is. Then after a full day of work, another 2-1/2 hour commute on the bus home. That leaves some kids with no family care or supervision for a lot of hours every day. This is a heartbreaking circumstance that has been troubling Lottie Lewis for a long time.

For the past several years, Lottie and her husband Frank have been fixing up a house on Wagner Street to serve as a community center. They named it Emma’s house in memory of Lottie’s mother who always looked after the kids in the neighborhood.

Later this month, Lottie will formally open a program she is calling Emma’s Helping hands. Volunteers will be there to spend time with children who would otherwise be choosing between the streets and an empty home for hours after school.

This is one of many ideas Lottie has for improving life in Allendale.
Hot Spot

Hot Spot is the name for a program that will provide internet access to kids after school. Many young students have the use of a tablet computer but no internet when they get home. Lottie Lewis has been speaking with SCE&G as well as AT&T in South Carolina to obtain their help with setting up a good internet connection .

Hot Spot will be located in the same house we are using for Emma’s Helping Hands. It will function as a sort of Internet Cafe. In addition to helping kids complete homework assignments online after school, Hot Spot will be available to people who need help writing resumes and filling out online applications for work. Without access to the Internet, individuals who want to work have a serious disadvantage in today’s electronic world.

Lottie Lewis and Terri Boone have been taking a community leadership course at Furman University. The class divided into teams to conduct real-world projects as a part of the program. Their team came up with the Hot Spot concept and, though Lottie and Terri are the only participants from Allendale, they convinced the others to choose Allendale for implementing the concept.

Terri Boone is Director of the USC Salkehatchie Leadership Institute.

Charitable Contributions

Allendale Enterprise has already received contributions from the Original Six Foundation and a number of individuals to help with completing the renovation of Emma’s House. If you would like to make a donation, please visit the “Support” page on this site.
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Autumn 2015
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USC Salkehatchie is 50!
The 50th Anniversary Celebration for alumni and friends will be held at the Conference Center on the Alendale campus on Saturday, October 24 from 7-11 pm. The East Coast Party Band will be performing, Must be over 21.
See the full fall calendar at

Topper Site Exhibit: a "Must See"
Also on October 24, between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm visitors are invited to see the Topper Site exhibit at the USC Salkehatchie Library. Learn why Allendale County is the birthplace of American history. For more information about the Topper Site, visit
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Art Flow: Juried Art Show October 16-25, 2015
The Allendale County Arts Council in partnership with the University of South Carolina Salkahatchie and Salkehatichie Art
are sponsoring ArtFlow 2015, their first annual Arts Festival and Juried Art Show Oct. 17-25. The exhibit will be inthe Atrium at USC Salkehatchie, Allendale. Volunteers are needed for clerking at the Salkehatchie Arts Center, hosting, donating or serving food, setting up and taking down. For more information, call the Arts Center at 584-6084 or contact Arts Council Chairman Lottie Lewis at 584-4556.
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Scholarship to USC
AT&T South Carolina has awarded a $5000 scholarship to USC Salkahatchie for Allendale-Fairfax students attending USC Salkahatchie as part of their high school concurrent program. The check was presented at Allendale County Council's Aug 20 meeting. Pictured left to right are Ike Byrd of AT&T, Dr. Ann Carmichael, Dean of USC Salkahatchie, and James Pinkney, County Counil Chairman. Photo courtesy Neighborhood Light
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New Dollar General Store under construction in Fairfax
The new store is on the Allendale-Fairfax Highway between Charleston and Hampton avenues near the center of Fairfax. The company opened it 12,000th store in May of this year. It is a retail giant growing by leaps and bounds. Photo courtesy Neighborhood Light.

A is for Allendale
The Salkahatchie Arts campaign to promote literacy in young children has successfully sold all 26 letters of the alphabet to business and individual sponsors.. Each letter will star in a 30" x 72" banner, along with an example of children's artwork. The banners will be attached to telephone poles along the Allendale-Fairfax Highway.
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Georgia Pacific has been investing in the facility, according to (Plant Manager) Morgan Thomas,
who said the company spent $4.7 million on the Allendale plant last year. “2015 is shaping up to be the same,” he said. “The wish list for 2016 is about three times that. We’ll probably have to pare
it down.”

“Georgia Pacific is looking long-term at this facility," he said, "The commitment is absolutely there for the future of this plant.”
Georgia Pacific to Stay
Story excerpted from the Neighborhood Light

Despite rumors to the contrary, Georgia Pacific is in Allendale County to stay.Representatives from the company’s Atlanta headquarters as well as the local plant manager came to Allendale
County Council on Aug. 20 to assure council members that the plant was not closing down.

The company has seven facilities in the state with 1,200 employees and $78 million in wages. The Allendale County plant employees 140 with $9.6 million in wages.
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Spring & Summer 2015
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Allendale gets a Farmers Market

A project inspired and led by Lottie Lewis of Allendale, with a lot of construction help from her husband Frank, completely transformed a vacant lot near the town's main intersection between the Allendale Fairfax highway and Flat Street. The result was a new Farmers Market featuring a covered area where farmers can park their pick up trucks and sell produce right from the tail gate or set up a table.
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The town turned out on May 19 for an official opening. In addition to the actual market area, the project includes a park with benches in the shade, picnic tables, and a children's playground. Lottie Lewis, who is also chairman of Eat Smart Move More, was interviewed by representatives from Thoroughbred Country, a multi-county tourism bureau based in Aiken, who visited in June to see the new market. The Allendale Farmers Market was then featured in their guide. Photos courtesy Camille Nairn.

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Youth Volunteers from Greenville
During the second week of June, 40 volunteers and their leaders from the Grace Church of Greenville, South Carolina worked on projects across the Allendale community. Shown here as they are saying goodbye, they were thanked by Mayor Ronnie Jackson and lauded by Joint Neighborhood Association Chair Lottie Lewis as an inspiration to the community. Photo and story courtesy of Neighborhood Light.
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Building Freedom Stage
In late June and early July volunteers from the Riverbend Church in Lexington, SC with help from Allendale's Frank Lewis and wood donated by Collum's Lumber built a substantial outdoor stage overlooking the park behind the new Farmer's Market. The stage would not be named until its dedication on July 4. The community of Allendale looks forward to many outdoor performances and events in Freedom Park. Photo at left courtesy of Camille Nairn. Photo at right courtesy of Neighborhood light.
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Walk for Unity
On June 28, the Allendale County Community Relations Council held a walk for Unity in remembrance of the nine people who had been killed at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston on June 17. Many in Allenadale had known one or more of the victims, and the senseless tragedy brought a deep sense of grief to the community. From the grief emerged a new sense of purpose in building unity among all people. At the Christian Dance Festival in July, there was a deeply felt call for unity expressed by church and community elders who took the microphone. On that evening (see photo at top of page) the new stage was christened the Freedom Stage and the park adjacent to the stage and the Farmers Market was christened Freedom Park. Freedom from oppression and social distrust.
Photo courtesy of Neighborhood Light.
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