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Our first mission is Emma's House and Emma's Helping Hands, which is an after-school program for the children of Allendale.
Programs include development of individual self esteem and personal development through the arts, exercise, cooking, dance, education, and reading. Emma's House also serves as a community center for meetings, food drives and other programs.
Allendale Enterprise is incorporated in the State of South Carolina as a not-for-profit organization, designated as a public charity by the IRS and the state of South Carolina with 501(c) (3) status. Allendale Enterprise was conceived and founded in the fall of 2014 by Lottie Lewis, Camille Nairn, and Phil Dickinson. Lottie Lewis and Camille Nairn are longtime residents of Allendale, and Phil Dickinson is an Allendale business owner. Our first project was to build this web site with the purpose of promoting Allendale and showcasing the town and the county in a positive way. As a functioning organization Allendale Enterprise is very new and has just started to make specific plans and raise money. To contact us, please send an email to
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Mission Statement

The Broad Mission of Allendale Enterprise is:

Generally to promote the economy of the County of Allendale.

Generally to support the well being of the people of Allendale County and to promote community involvement and harmony.

Generally to improve the image of Allendale in the eyes of the rest of the state of South Carolina as well as the Nation.

Generally to provide
a positive vision for the future of Allendale.

To build an organization with a reputation for:
Absolute Integrity

The Specific Goals and Objectives of Allendale Enterprise are:

To sponsor and support programs that help to mentor the children of Allendale.
Emma's Helping Hands program (see home page) is the primary mission of Allendale Enterprise.

To function as a Chamber of Commerce, since this type of organization does not otherwise exist in Allendale. However, businesses will not be asked to pay dues.

To Function as a Visitor’s Bureau, since this type of organization does not otherwise exist in Allendale County.

To support community projects in Allendale, through leadership, networking, and funding.

To support community-oriented Church activities in Allendale and to provide an organization and network through which different churches can work together for the betterment of the community.

To develop, sponsor, and manage youth programs designed to teach self discipline, social skills, and job-achieving skills; and to invent, sponsor and manage youth-oriented programs designed to instill youth with a sense of purpose and most importantly with a self-sense of value to the community.

To help to identify and support a work force that will attract new business to the county. To establish an organization and / or center designed to help individuals learn on-line and traditional job searching skills, write resumes, develop interview and workplace skills, and to maintain a database of individuals available for work.

To attract new business to Allendale County through a variety of means.

To promote and assist the creation and development of new entrepreneurial start-up businesses from within Allendale by inspiring and encouraging potential entrepreneurs and then providing the framework of support that will make their ventures more likely to succeed.

To build an information and support system for existing as well as new businesses.

To create and implement public relations campaigns on behalf of the county and its businesses.

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