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A Proud Past, a Struggling Economy,
and a Bright Future

Bordering Georgia and the Savannah River, Allendale County is rich farmland in what Carolinians call the "Low Country." The town of Allendale during the 1950's and 60's bustled with activity as thousands of Americans passed through on Route 301, the main route between New York and Florida. In the 1970's Allendale suffered a series of economic blows starting with the farming crisis in which soaring interest rates made it impossible for many farmers to maintain their farms. Then Route 95 was completed, rerouting tens of thousands of travelers and tourists about 30 miles to the east. Dozens of motels up and down Route 301 had to close. The garment industry moved to China and Bangledesh, forcing the Apparel company to close down, putting hundreds of hardworking Allendale residents out of work. Still, despite its empty commercial buildings, the southern charm of the town of Allendale remains, and a new breed of community leaders and entrepreneurs are forging a path toward a more prosperous future.

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